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We are owner and editor of ComeoCare, the Belgian leading complex treatment management application for cancer chemotherapy management. We can also operate end to end software products owned by non-IT companies. We've built and managed a cloud solution allowing hospitals to check real-time drugs interactions in electronic prescriptions.
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ComeoCare is a simple and effective electronic prescription application supporting the management of treatments for patients in a hospital.
Originally developed for oncology and particularly well adapted to the specificities of regimen based chemotherapy treatments, it may well be used for other types of prescriptions.
The application allows monitoring of treatments from the patient's arrival and his visit to the doctor to the dispensation by the nursing, included the preparation of the prescriptions by the pharmacy.

ComeoCare is reliable and available, everywhere and always

  • Marked as CE medical device class 1
  • Web application installed on a central server, available on all workstations on site
  • Responsive, available on all devices, including tablets and smart phones
  • Fully multilingual.

ComeoCare handles all stages of the complete chemotherapeutic treatment

  • Product management
  • Complete protocol management including complete validation workflow
  • Manual and Electronic Prescription
  • Pharmaceutical validation
  • Preparation guidance
  • Drug administration

ComeoCare handles all the features of cytotoxic drug management

  • Dose calculation: per m2, per kg, AUC …
  • Cumulative dose calculation and checks
  • Minimum and maximum concentrations
  • Stability

ComeoCare optimises and secures the process and provides full traceability

  • Patient data throughout the full flow
  • Complete history of all actions
  • Preparation guidance
  • Prints complete manufacturing guidelines and labels
  • ComeoCare proposes product packaging and solvent selection based on calculated dose

ComeoCare is interoperable with the other information flows

  • Electronic patient file
  • Pharmacy stock management
  • Lab results
  • Nursing planning tool