Legacy Application Modernization

Updating outdated systems and applications to make them compatible with modern technologies architectures and business needs has become a crucial challenge.

IT infrastructure not updated? What are the risks?

Security vulnerabilities

Outdated infrastructure may have unpatched vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers, leading to data breaches, unauthorised access, and potential financial losses.

Competitive disadvantage

Organizations that fail to update their IT infrastructure may fall behind competitors who leverage the latest technologies, leading to reduced market share and diminished competitiveness.

Loss of performance

Outdated infrastructure can result in slower processing speeds, decreased efficiency, and reduced productivity, impacting the overall performance of the organization.

Increased maintenance costs

As older infrastructure becomes obsolete, finding compatible parts, software updates, and skilled technicians can become more expensive, resulting in higher maintenance costs.

Compatibility issues

Legacy systems may not be compatible with newer software or hardware, limiting integration capabilities and hindering business operations.

Lack of scalability

Legacy systems may struggle to accommodate growing business needs, making it difficult to scale operations and adapt to changing demands.

Compliance and regulatory issues

Outdated infrastructure may not meet current compliance and regulatory standards, exposing the organization to legal and financial risks.

Knoware has developed strategies and best practices to mitigate these risks

Our teams of experienced developers have a strong commitment to ongoing learning and development, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

To effectively bridge the gap between old and new systems, we take a comprehensive approach to legacy application modernisation addressing not only the technical aspects of the system but also the business processes and user experience.

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    Join us! We’re looking for a Deployment Manager (m/f/x)

    We are actively looking for a Deployment Manager (m/f/x) to lead and/or participate to the deployment and retirement of customer tenant software systems in the cloud or at customer premises.

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  • February 20, 2024

    Join us! We’re looking for a Development Engineer (m/f/x)

    We are actively looking for a Full-Stack Development Engineer (m/f/x) passionate about software engineering, who can bring projects to a successful conclusion with their team. You will help to continuously improve our products portfolio for the hospital sector. You participate in an experienced team and help to think about the best solutions for the different challenges.

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  • February 20, 2024

    Join us! We’re looking for a Test Engineer (m/f/x)

    We are actively looking for a Test Engineer (m/f/x) to reinforce our software medical devices products teams. You will play a key role in the product lifecycle. Key skills include test planning, test cases design, test scripting, test execution and test reporting. The activities include a mix of manual and automated testing, for which we are using different scripting tools such as Postman or Soap-UI… Besides functional verification, the function also includes non-functional testing such as load testing and penetration testing.

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